Battles of Legend: Armageddon

On July 23rd Battles of Legend: Armageddon, one of the best booster boxes for Yugioh, was released to an eager fanbase. The packaging was foil wrapped, and containing four Ultra Rares and a single Secret Rare.

A brand-new spell card, Fossil Fusion, with dug-up fossils, will only heighten the playing experience. This new spell card will join monsters from two player gravesites by ejecting them and giving you a suitable Fusion Monster. These Fossil cards are great additions to Adamancipator cards (from Secret Slayers) that have had wins in tournaments already.

If you’re new around here, here’s a tutorial on how one of the best card games is played. The gist is a scaled-down combat game that suitable for two or four players. A unique deck of cards is designed to simulate their status and style. As a result, the game rewards always-improving expertise, and once you conquer a challenge, a new one shows up.

In previous volumes, there are four heroes; King Arthur, Alice, Medusa and Sinbad. Merlin comes in handy to King Arthur to help him attack, provided he gives up some of his cards. From Wonderland, Alice carries a giant sword, and the ability to manipulate size and survive the charges from her opponents. Each of Sinbad’s trips equip him with power and experience, as Medusa’s harpies will harry you, and even from distance, a battle can be finished with one crushing stare.

Battles are settled by a comparison of attack and defense cards. Additionally, there can be different verdicts due to individual cards having distinct outcomes. For area effects and reaching attacks, there is an updated version from Tannhäuser for their line-of-vision technique.

On Battles of Legend: Armageddon, there is all the dueling action you’ll need during this break. Also, there are plenty of previously-unreleased cards; featuring both anime and manga, strong tournament-winning regulars, exclusive personalised support and foil upgrades that will excite!

Highlights will include The Chaos Emperor, until now exclusive to worthy contenders in the Yu-Gi-Oh Series, and now you can experience its spirit. This comes with new soldiers that will solidify Chaos’ reign, and a chance to add to your ranks Trishula, the Dragon of Icy Imprisonment; Judgment, the Dragon of Heaven; Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihiliation, and Darkness Metal, the Dragon of Dark Steel.

Other additions are ancient Level 8 Fusion Monsters that raid twice and plunder monsters from your rivals Graveyard. Fantastically, if you happen to lose you Fossil Monster, the Fossil Fusion Spell card has the ability to add itself back to your deck again.

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