The Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational August 2020

Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational

The Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational was introduced late last month. This duel featured sixteen Yugioh TCG content creators from all corners Of Europe. If you didn’t get to catch the Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational, then you missed out on a lot of fun.

The excellent news for all Yugioh TCG fans, the entire event is available on YouTube. Yes, you can get to recap every moment of the fantastic tournament at any time. Now, this is excellent news if you missed the live event.

The Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational – How was it?

Well, the entire Yugioh TCG contest was extraordinary on every level. It was a massive showdown with news twists and tricks that you have to check out. All players had to play four rounds of Swiss with each round taking about 50 minutes. Now, understand that the Swiss were determined by the best of 3 games, making it so much more enjoyable.

A player gets three points for each win, zero points for each loss, and one point for a draw. At the end of four rounds, the top four players duel out in a 60-minute semifinal to find the top two. The final event crowned the Yugioh TCG King of Games. However, note that it was a two-day duel that attracted viewers from all over the world.

The Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational – Players involved

A lot of great players were involved in the competition, including Aaron Furman, Bo Tang, Blair Hunter, Doug Zeeff, Christian Urena, Jesse Kotton, Ryan Levine, Ryan Yu, and Cameroon Neal. Ensure you check out the entire Yugioh Remote Duel Invitational to see who gets crowned the King of Games.

What I can tell you is that it was a Yugioh TCG tournament like no other. There are a lot of grudge matches, and you will love every moment.

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