The Phantom Rage Booster Box that Every Yugioh Fan Needs

Phantom Rage Booster Box

The ultimate Yugioh remote duel invitational was concluded not long ago. Now, if you found time to watch the entire competition, then you know the advantages of having a complete deck. The Phantom Rage Booster Box will get you the ammunition you need in the next match.

Why you need the Phantom Rage Booster Box

The Phantom Rage is not just about remastering the popular themes that we loved in the past. No, this box unites all of them to suit your game. You also get to find the new Phantom Knight and Raidraptor cards that will come in handy during a competition.

The good news is that you get to choose between various options when playing with this booster box. Yugioh fans know the advantage of playing a card on its own deck or using a hybrid deck. Through a hybrid deck, you can get the best from each theme and max out the Xyz summoning power.

Are there any new themes?

Yes, you get a new theme that excels at performing numerous Fusion Summons. Usually, Yugioh players have to use a spell card when summoning each fusion and various other cards to get sufficient material. However, with the Phantom Rage Booster Box, you can summon up to 5 tokens using a single special card. This unique card also allows you to Fusion Summon twice repeatedly.

What do I get with the Phantom Rage Booster Box

The Phantom rage booster box brings a whole lot of cards, including the following:

  • 17 World Premiere Cards; note that this is the most number of world premiere cards in a single booster
  • A cross over between F.A and U.A that has been long-awaited
  • New link monsters, Synchro Xyz, Fusion, and Ritual
  • More cards to help you in your new campaign of the ‘Rise of the Duelist.’
  • So much more

Where Can I Find a Cheap Phantom Rage Case

Do you need a cheap phantom rage case? Then ensure you visit You will get access to several cheap Yugioh Booster boxes at a competitive price. There are a lot of booster packs available in their catalog that you must check out. The chap phantom rage case is currently available at a considerable discount to suit your budget.


Yugioh lovers need the Phantom Rage Booster Box. The value of this booster box cannot be ignored, especially when you want to improve your gameplay.

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