Commander Legends Draft Booster: Magic, The Gathering

Commander Legends Draft Booster: Magic, The Gathering

The Commander Legends Draft Booster, Magic is finally here after the long wait. Right from the get-go, this set can pull from anytime and anywhere in the metauniverse. You get three booster packs containing 20 cards which is incredible if you ask me. Let us take a closer look at what you should expect with this draft booster

Commander Legends Draft Booster Description

In the Commander Legends, all the packs contain two legends that can help you revolutionize your game. If you want to make the most out of the game, draft a table with eight slots and split into two different games. The good news is that you can draft a smaller slot and play a single game. Users, therefore, get options to redefine the game and have a great time.

With the commander Legends, you get to play an extra copy of a card in case you draft it. Understand that the singleton rule no longer applies to this draft booster. Notice that the number of commons has been increased with the set to reduce how often the double-play rule can apply. Having many common cards also reduces the chances of you feeling sad about picking identical cards. You will have a ton of variety in your deck to enjoy the game.

What I found most interesting with this draft booster is the mono-color partners. What this means is that you can quickly find a different mono-color partner to pivot your current partner. Picking two cards with each pack, therefore, becomes a huge advantage that makes the game much more interesting.

The new Baron Sengir card with a partner is a great new addition that can wipe out your enemy with one clear shot. Note that this card grows big quickly and can also be used in a sacrifice deck to take your opponents by surprise.

The renowned trapper and tracker duo of Alena AND Halana are also brought to life with this draft booster. Note that the two play nicely together to get you an unstoppable force that can take your competition by surprise.

Let the Fun Begin

Note that the Commander Legends feature two distinct styles: Extended-art cards and extended-art uncommon or common handpicked. You will have a lot of fun playing around with this draft booster.

You will also get to play with 32 popular creatures with the commander legendary draft booster, magic. They combine seamlessly with a pack of more than one hundred legends to get you seamless gameplay.

Finally, this draft booster includes several uncommon cards that can change the entire game when played correctly. It’s always nice when you can turn the game on its head and come out on top. There is no denying that you will love this draft booster.


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