[TCG] Phantom Rage Checklist

The Organization | [TCG] Phantom Rage Checklist

Plus the identities of 5 World Premieres

PHRA-EN000 Myutant Cry
PHRA-EN001 Raider’s Wing
PHRA-EN002 The Phantom Knights of Stained Graves
PHRA-EN003 The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales
PHRA-EN004 Raidraptor – Heel Eagle
PHRA-EN005 Raidraptor – Strangle Lanius
PHRA-EN006 Tri-Brigade Nervall
PHRA-EN007 Tri-Brigade Kerass
PHRA-EN008 Tri-Brigade Fraktall
PHRA-EN009 Dogmatika Ashiyan
PHRA-EN010 Virtual World Mai-Hime – Lulu
PHRA-EN011 Virtual World Roshi – Laolao
PHRA-EN012 Virtual World Xiezhi – Jiji
PHRA-EN013 Virtual World Kirin – Lili
PHRA-EN014 Dual Avatar Fists – Yuhi
PHRA-EN015 Dual Avatar Feet – Kokoku
PHRA-EN016 Infernity Conjurer
PHRA-EN017 Infernity Wildcat
PHRA-EN018 U.A. Libero Spiker
PHRA-EN019 U.A. Player Manager
PHRA-EN020 Awakening of the Possessed – Gagigobyte
PHRA-EN021 Awakening of the Possessed – Rasenryu
PHRA-EN022 Gizmek Makami, the Ferocious Fanged Fortress
PHRA-EN023 Alpha, the Master of Beasts
PHRA-EN024 Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper
PHRA-EN025 Rock Band Xenoguitar
PHRA-EN026 Magical Broker
PHRA-EN027 Gluttonous Reptolphin Greethys
PHRA-EN028 Cupid Fore
PHRA-EN029 Hinezumi Hanabi
PHRA-EN030 Conductor of Nephthys
PHRA-EN031 Brigrand the Glory Dragon
PHRA-EN032 Dual Avatar Fists – Armored Ah-Gyo
PHRA-EN033 Dual Avatar Feet – Armored Un-Gyo
PHRA-EN034 Dual Avatar – Empowered Kon-Gyo
PHRA-EN035 Armityle the Chaos Phantasm – Phantom of Fury
PHRA-EN036 Virtual World Kyubi – Shenshen
PHRA-EN037 Infernity Doom Archfiend
PHRA-EN038 Infernoble Knight Captain Oliver
PHRA-EN039 Penguin Brave
PHRA-EN040 Raider’s Knight
PHRA-EN041 Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon
PHRA-EN042 Virtual World Shell – Jaja
PHRA-EN043 Virtual World Phoenix – Fanfan
PHRA-EN044 Joyous Melffys
PHRA-ENN45 Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
PHRA-EN046 Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom
PHRA-EN047 Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller
PHRA-EN048 Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen
PHRA-EN049 Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-mu
PHRA-EN050 Geonator Transverser
PHRA-EN051 Phantom Knights’ Rank-Up-Magic Force
PHRA-EN052 Tri-Brigade Stand-Off
PHRA-EN053 Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault
PHRA-EN054 Dogmatikacism
PHRA-EN055 Virtual World City – Kauwloon
PHRA-EN056 Virtual World Gate – Qinglong
PHRA-EN057 Dual Avatar Invitation
PHRA-EN058 Perfect Sync A-Un
PHRA-EN059 Dual Avatar Defeating Evil
PHRA-EN060 Infernity Paranoia
PHRA-EN061 U.A. Hyper Stadium
PHRA-EN062 U.A. Locker Room
PHRA-EN063 Charge Into a Dark World
PHRA-EN064 Arcana Reading
PHRA-EN065 Rookie Fur Hire
PHRA-EN066 Xyz Import
PHRA-EN067 Jack-In-The-Hand
PHRA-EN068 Raider’s Unbrekable Mind
PHRA-EN069 Raidraptor’s Phantom Knights Claw
PHRA-EN070 Tri-Brigade Revolt
PHRA-EN071 Tri-Brigade Oath
PHRA-EN072 Virtual World Gate – Chuche
PHRA-EN073 Dual Avatar Return
PHRA-EN074 Dual Avatar Compact
PHRA-EN075 Infernity Suppression
PHRA-EN076 U.A. Man of the Match
PHRA-EN077 Free-Range Monsters
PHRA-EN078 Warning Point
PHRA-EN079 Banquet of Millions
PHRA-EN080 One or Eight
PHRA-EN081 Mahaama the Fairy Dragon
PHRA-EN082 Jabbing Panda
PHRA-EN083 Periallis, Empress of Blossoms
PHRA-EN084 Myutant M-05
PHRA-EN085 Myutant ST-46
PHRA-EN086 Myutant GB-88
PHRA-EN087 Myutant Beast
PHRA-EN088 Myutant Mist
PHRA-EN089 Myutant Arsenal
PHRA-EN090 Myutant Synthesis
PHRA-EN091 Myutant Ultimus
PHRA-EN092 Myutant Evolution Lab
PHRA-EN093 Myutant Fusion
PHRA-EN094 Myutant Blast
PHRA-EN095 Myutant Clash
PHRA-EN096 Myutant Expansion
PHRA-EN097 Virtual World Beast – Jiujiu
PHRA-EN098 Virtual World Dragon – Longlong
PHRA-EN099 Virtual World Hime – Nyannyan
PHRA-EN100 Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze

PHRA-EN081 Mahaama the Fairy Dragon
Level 5 LIGHT Dragon Tuner Effect Monster
DEF 2500
During your opponent’s turn, when either player takes battle damage (Quick Effect): You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then apply 1 of these effects.
●Gain LP equal to that battle damage.
●Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that battle damage.

PHRA-EN082 Jabbing Panda
Level 3 WATER Beast-Warrior Effect Monster
ATK 1500
DEF 1000
If 2 or more Beast-Warrior monsters are on the field, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). You can only Special Summon “Jabbing Panda” once per turn this way. If this card is sent from the field to your GY: You can target 1 face-up monster you control; it gains 500 ATK. You can only use this effect of “Jabbing Panda” once per turn.

PHRA-EN083 Periallis, Empress of Blossoms
Level 7 LIGHT Plant Synchro Effect Monster
ATK 1600
DEF 2400
Materials: 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters
Gains 400 ATK for each Plant monster you control, except this card. During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Plant monster from your hand or GY in Defense Position, except “Periallis, Empress of Blossoms”. You can only use this effect of “Periallis, Empress of Blossoms” once per turn.

PHRA-EN095 Myutant Clash
Continuous Trap Card
When you activate this card: You can target 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls; banish 1 “Myutant” monster from your GY, and if you do, negate its effect until the end of this turn (even if this card leaves the field). When your Level 8 or higher “Myutant” monster destroys an opponent’s monster by battle: You can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of “Myutant Clash” once per turn. You can only activate 1 “Myutant Clash” per turn.

PHRA-EN096 Myutant Expansion
Continuous Trap Card
When you activate this card: You can take 1 Level 4 or lower “Myutant” monster from your Deck, and either add it to your hand or Special Summon it. If a Level 8 or higher “Myutant” monster(s) you control would be destroyed by card effect, you can banish this card you control instead. You can only activate 1 “Myutant Expansion” per turn.


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