Yugioh Ancient Guardians – A Comprehensive Look

Yugioh Ancient Guardians

Yugioh Ancient Guardians – A Comprehensive Look

The Yugioh universe is set to unearth powerful new monsters in the coming spring of 2021. It is a 60-card booster set that promises to take our favorite game to a whole new level. According to Konami, will also include a few reprints to help duelists have unforgettable matches.

There is no doubt that the Yugioh game has gained a lot of popularity in the recent players. Many individuals are quickly adopting this magnificent game that offers some pretty impressive duels. The Yugioh Ancient Guardians adds a whole new layer to the game, thus making it much more interesting. Let us take an in-depth look at everything that you should expect with this 2021 launch.

Yugioh Ancient Guardians – What’s New

For starters, the set introduces three brand-new strategies alongside a few older cards that enhance them. Like in Genesis Impact and Toon Chaos, you will get 15 cards that will be available as the popular and sort-after Collector’s Rares. Understand that these Rares will include a mix of older favorites and new cards.

The New Graveyard-based Strategy

The Ancient Guardians Booster Box brings to life a whole new Graveyard-based strategy. If you love playing Yugioh, then you are going to love this new strategy. The interesting part is that the card set allows you to make your Graveyard rain with monsters. Picking off your opponent is made simple when you can initiate the Graveyard strategy and make monsters rain down upon them. You will also find it quite rewarding to cut your opponent from the knees using this new strategy.

The graveyard-based strategy brings a whole new world of possibilities to Yugioh enthusiasts. Think about all the mayhem that you can bring to the game with this theme. It can also act as a lifeline when the game is not going your way.

The Pendulum Summon

Have you uses Pendulum Summons successfully in the past? If you have, then you understand how powerful this strategy can be when played right. The Ancient Guardians Booster Box includes the classic cards you need to initiate the perfect Pendulum strategy.

In your deck, you will have the Dracoslayer (Luster Pendulum) and the Blasting Dracoslayer (Igniter Prominence). Understand that these cards will help you take full advantage of the Pendulum Summons during a duel. However, it will help if you pay close attention to the Scales of your monsters when initiating the strategy to maximize the summons.

Is There Something Unexpected?

Before we wrap up on all the cool new themes coming with the Yugioh Ancient Guardians, we need to ask ourselves whether there are any surprises. And the answer is exactly what you would expect, yes there is a surprise theme in the Ancient Guardians Booster Box.

The theme is a spin on the popular Synchro Summoning. Although much about the theme hasn’t been released yet, we should expect a few twists and turns. The good news is that more information about this new theme will be available within the coming months. However, wouldn’t it be golden to send chills down your unexpecting opponent’s spine.

Ancient Guardians Booster Box – A Breakdown of the Cards

The Ancient Guardians contain 60 cards in the set. You have 10 Ultra Rares, 35 Rares, and 15 Super Rares. However, understand that 15 cards among the above mentioned are also available as Collector’s Rares.

Each booster pack features a total of 7 cards. You get 6 Rare cards and one Foil card for every pack. Now, the set content is subject to change upon the release date. Although we can’t be sure whether there will be any changes, you can ever be sure of what to expect. After all, the Yugioh universe is always full of surprises.


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