Yugioh Singles Card Hype! – January 20, 2021

Yugioh Singles Card Hype

Some Yugioh Singles Ready for Price Spikes

Yugioh Singles isn’t always as expensive as it appears. With cards constantly seeing price hikes and drops, a well-timed purchase can help you save on your investment. Fortunately, in the TCG we have a cheat-sheet that can let us get an early idea of what sort of decks and cards are going to become viable here. As a general rule, the very existence of the OCG lets us see when a deck is hype, and when it isn’t. Now this isn’t always the case, with decks like Drytron being heavily altered in the TCG and becoming far more viable here, but the fact still remains that we get to see most of our set lists before they get released and make decisions on what sort of cards to purchase. Today, we’re going to look at a handful of cards worth putting an investment towards, with an emphasis placed on Blazing Vortex and Legendary Duelist: Season 2.

Ancient Warriors Oath – Double Dragon Lords

This super rare out of Rise of the Duelist is just under a dollar, but all indications suggest that’s not going to be the case. No, this isn’t because Ancient Warriors are suddenly meta (although they do have upcoming support. Instead, consider it for Tri-Brigade. With the release of Tri-Brigade Kit, the archetype has a viable pure variant that utilizes a couple unexpected choices, including the Beast-Warrior boss monster for Ancient Warriors. Double Dragon Lords is a Link 2 that as a Quick Effect allows you to discard 1 or send 1 card from your hand to the GY in order to target 1 face-up card your opponent returns and return it to their hand. While it’s materials require a WIND Ancient Warriors monster, Tri-Brigade monsters can ignore that clause, giving you free disruption.

While on this topic, other Yugioh singles like Tri-Brigade related cards could be worth pursuing, most notably Tri-Brigade Fraktall which has seen a slow rise in value since release. If the archetype proves to be viable, This card could follow the path of Virtual World Mai-Hime – Lulu and quickly approach the $20 mark.

Cyber Dragon Herz & Galaxy Soldier

A large amount of Cyber Dragon and Galaxy-Eyes cards have been announced for Legendary Duelist Season 2, but two highly important cards are missing! Herz and Galaxy Soldier could’ve been here, but are mysteriously missing. Galaxy Soldier has already seen a spike, with copies now only available at $10. You can pick up Herz for around the $5 range right now, and if you’re looking to play Cyber Dragons I highly advise it.

The Machina Structure Deck

Okay, MAYBE I’m cheating here since technically this isn’t a single card, but now might be the time to get the Machina deck core if you haven’t already. The engine has most notably seen action in Orcust, but with the release of Machina Unclasspare (an archetype specific Foolish Burial) the strategy has an extra boost of consistency. Beyond that however, we are seeing a reprint of Urgent Schedule, making the strategy much more affordable.

Machina Metalcruncer is another possible investment, being an Ultra Rare from Eternity Code, however most builds from the OCG don’t consider running it.

Honorary Mentions – Yugioh Singles

Fury of Kairyu-Shin can fetch you a Torrential Tribute, and while this card does have a common rarity, there is a much harder to get Ultra Rare variant from Legendary Duelist Season 1. Over time, this card could attract some interest.

Time Thief Redoer and other members of its archetype are worth consideration, as they not only have future support, but some synergy with the upcoming Sprigguns archetype. The 2020 Tin of Lost Memories saw some rarity upgrades for Redoer and Time Thief Winder which could easily find themselves gaining traction should either path bring them to relevancy.

Skull Servant as an archetype receives even more support in the form of Wight Baking, and while this may not be enough to bring the LOB-born archetype into competitive relevancy, Konami continues to show appreciation for the archetype and providing them with new cards every few sets. The investment is cheap for a deck that may eventually find it’s way to relevancy.

Article Guest Writer: Harrison Rodis

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