Lightning Overdrive Release Date for Yugioh

Lightning Overdrive Release Date

Lightning Overdrive Release Date for Yugioh is the May 14th, 2021. There are translations for cards such as blood Rose Dragon and Dark Honest. They are great, but this game will excite you more. It will feature a Lightning Overdrive card list of 100, including cards featuring War Rock, an upgraded version of C39. It tells an amazing story about the falling of the Albaz. These and much more are awaiting you. Be among the first to pre order your Lightning Overdrive. Get this done easily on our website to order your new game.

Lightning Overdrive release date

Most duelists are waiting anxiously for the new exciting release of the new Yugioh game. The date is 14th May 2021, for some countries the release will be on 13th May 2021. As you are geared up, go through our website to be informed of updates regularly. Get poised to enjoy an invigorating game of two monsters that you love so much from the Yugioh animated series. You get to summon “Rank-Up-Magic” and “ZW” monsters’ spells out of your deck of cards. Isn’t that awesome? Don’t let the release date catch you by surprise.

Lightning overdrive pre order

Hurry and get to our website where you can get your Lightning Overdrive pre order now. Get yours early enough, with an upgraded version to Akiza’s Black Rose Dragon, which rewinds time to Yugioh. It gets better when this monster joins the Rose Dragon. This union assists you to synchronize your Summons of the monsters. Explore first-hand the mystery of an amusement park with a ‘monster’ theme. It features the fall of Albaz that began with the rising of the duelist.

You can get a Lightning Overdrive pre order starting today. This guarantees your Yugioh will arrive in time and enjoy the upgraded monsters that will thrill you. Tell a friend to tell a friend as you await the big day.

Lightning overdrive card list

The Lightning Overdrive card list is interesting. It introduces the Word Premier “War Rock”, which showcases Blazing Vortex. There are new cards that introduce strategies for the Genesis impact and Phantom Rage. Get to see new monsters that are fun-filled with your favorite themes. Other cards include 10 Secret Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, 26 Super Rares, and 50 Commons. These and others on your deck await your adrenaline to rush as you open your cards to see the new monsters. They include Sprigguns Brothers, Amazement Administrator, Amazement Ambassador, Amazement Attendant, Bujin Mahitotsu, Bujin Torifune, and S-Force Dog Tag.


Get online and pre order your Lightning Overdrive. You and your friends need not miss out on the Lightning Overdrive release date. The card list is full of new goodies that will keep you glued to your screen as you play with the new monsters trying to overthrow the old ones.

At only $3.99, you are set to be among the first who play the upgraded version. Who will win? Don’t miss this new release from Yugioh.

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