Egyptian God Deck Pre Order Yugioh: All You Should Know

Egyptian God Deck Pre Order

Konami Digital Entertainment recently announced the much-anticipated release of Egyptian God Deck Pre Order. Egyptian God Deck Yugioh is a card game featuring Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer the Sky Dragon. The card game, which revolves around the Egyptian gods, is set out on June 11th. Even though the game is under Konami Digital Entertainment, the game creator is known as Maximillian Pegasus. As the Egyptian God Deck Release Date draws near, remember to place your Egyptian God Deck Pre Order. Below is a look at what you need to know concerning this exciting card game.

Egyptian God Deck Card List – Card Names and Their Meaning

Egyptian God Deck Card list has a total of 40 cards. This number is made up of; 1 deluxe Game Mat, four ultra rares, four super rares, and 32 commons. The game series was derived from the names of the Egyptian deities worshiped by the Egyptians in ancient times. These gods include:

  • Osiris – the Egyptian god of death, life, and fertility
  • Ra – Egyptian god of the sun

Below are card name explanations and more reasons to make Egyptian God Deck Pre Order now. Keep in mind that the Egyptian God Deck Release Date is fast approaching.

Millennium Revelation

This spell card allows the player to eliminate the divine-beast and find the ‘Monster Reborn’ either from deck or hand. This card is crucial because it lets you get a god back without having to tribute.

You also have the option of sacrificing Revelation to use Reborn on Ra. However, this move will cause Ra to tribute himself at the end of the phase because he cannot be summoned.

Slifer the Sky Dragon

The name Slifer the Sky Dragon was inspired by Roger Slifer, one of the series’s producers. Known for his fantastic work in the comic industry, Roger Slifer was an immediate inspiration for the card name due to his immense contribution to the comic industry.

Besides being a part of the Egyptian God Deck Yugioh, Slifer also contributed to creating one of DC Comics known as Lobo.

Fans of the Egyptian God Deck Yugioh can thank Sam Murakami for the name idea. Sam thought the name adaptation was an excellent way to show appreciation for one of the Egyptian God Deck Yugioh team’s significant members.

When Seto Kaiba used the card, he revealed the Egyptian God card’s unique ability to destroy his opponent’s cards and attack directly when the owner tributes two monsters that he controlled.

Sphere Mode/Immortal Phoenix

These are two monster cards that you can use to counter target immune threats. The two monster cards are always alongside Ra, with Sphere Mode being the star.

Sphere Mode is also not an easy target, and its owner is the one with total control of the card. Thus, even when you offer this card to your opponent, you will still have it back since the card always comes back.

Obelisk the Tormentor

Despite not being one of the most popular cards like Ra, Obelisk the Tormentor is one of the game’s best gods. There are several advantages of using this card. First, you get to prevent monsters bearing the same name from applying their effects as well as destroy your entire opponent’s monster.

If used in the right way, obelisk is a great monster removal mechanism that is bound to devastate your opponent.

Exchanging Souls

Exchanging souls is a spell card that allows a player to use differing monsters as a tribute, and tribute summons a beast considered divine.

However, there is a catch. You can only use a single non-divine beast effect one at a time until you finish the next turn. Nevertheless, considering the benefits of this card, which involve you being able to clear three monsters on your opponent’s side, the catch is worth it.

Egyptian God Deck Pre Order

Prepare yourself for the arrival of this almost magical game by placing an Egyptian God Deck Pre Order as you wait for the Egyptian God Deck Release Date scheduled for June this year. Making a preorder saves you from the last-minute rush.


Apart from the Egyptian God Deck Card List mentioned above, other cards that deserve mentioning include ‘Mound of the Bound Creator.’ This card has numerous benefits for level 10 players. Remember that you can summon ‘Holactie the Creator of Light’ once you manage to field all gods.

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