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Dawn of Majesty Card List

Dawn of Majesty Card List is coming soon. There is nothing as enticing to players than knowing that their favorite game is going to have an upgrade or a new version will be released soon. With the Dawn of Majesty release date already set, players are ready to see what new features the game will bring. Also, the players will be waiting to see whether they will be able to make their Dawn of Majesty Pre Order before the official release of the game.

Well, here is a thing, if you loved how Lightning Overdrive took Black Rose Dragon to a whole new level, you are going to love the impact of Dawn of Majesty. The game is the perfect upgrade for Stardust Dragon and it comes with additional cards to help you summon the dragon.

What is the Dawn of Majesty Card List?

The Dawn of Majesty card list is different from your regular card set because this is not your ordinary game. This year, the game will have an additional 37 cards (different from the original ones that players are used to) that will seek to help the player summon the dragon easily.

The Gizmek theme, in particular, will get extra cards meaning players will have the opportunity to have a genuine Gizmek Deck. To achieve this, you are allowed to pick up your pair of Gizmek monsters from the previous decks using the cards that have been introduced. This has never happened before!

For more updates of the Dawn of Majesty card list, the statement from the official website suggests that you should watch out for more future updates. Dawn of Majesty will have a unique World Premiere theme that will be introduced this year.

  • “Wish-Converging Dragon”
  • “Stardust Synchron”
  • “Stardust Trail”
  • “Magikey Skyblaster – Clavis”
  • “Rice Suship”
  • “Roe Suship”
  • “Gizmek Inaba”
  • “Gizmek Naganaki”
  • “Gizmek Taniguku”
  • “Gizmek Ibuki”
  • “Amazement Assistant “
  • “Alien Buster”
  • “Calpiponica, Mystical Beast of the Forest”
  • “Glacial Aqua Madoor”
  • “Konohana Sakuya”
  • “Saambell the Reuniter”
  • “Aeropixie”
  • “Magikey Blaster – Batosbuster”
  • “Magikey Cannon – Garesvet”
  • “Magikey Summon Beast – Ansyalabolas”
  • “Magikey Summon Beast – Andrabimus”
  • “Shooting Majestic Star Dragon”
  • “Wolfrayet the Stellar Wind Wolf”
  • “Dreadnought Suship – Roe-class First Wardish”
  • “Volnigesh the Black Lava Dragoon”
  • “Pairen the Skylark Dragon”
  • “Cosmic Pincer Ze’loor”
  • “Majestic Absorption”
  • “Magikey – Maphteah”
  • “Magikey Unsealing”
  • “Suship Galley “Kaisen””
  • “Gizmek Legend – Kamitsukawashiime-no-Kikie”
  • “Triamid Loading”
  • “Dimer Synthesis”
  • “Refined Ritual Art”
  • “Majestic Mirage”
  • “Connected Magikey”
  • “Magikey Lock – Unlock”
  • “Suship Roll Specials”
  • “Amaze Ɐttraction Vanquish Viking”
  • “Arriving Miracle”
  • “Stardust Illuminate”

When will it be released?

According to yugioh’s official website, the official tournament store Dawn of Majesty release date is set for 08/011/2021. However, players will have to wait until 08/13/2021 to have a feel of the game. The Konami Tournament will also be held on that same day.

Can You make Dawn of Majesty Pre Order?

Yes, you can get your Dawn of Majesty Pre Order by making payment on our website or your trusted online store such as Amazon and Walmart. One main advantage of making a pre-order for such a game is that you get to feel it before most people do. In fact, you can be ahead of your peers if you get the get game early, familiarize with the new cards and learn how to tame the monster.

For now, you can Dawn of Majesty Pre Order for as low as $3.99 per pack of 9 cards and wait to enjoy the thrill. The new themes, cards and overall game experience is worth every dollar that you spend.


Just as Lightning Overdrive elevated Black Rose Dragon to new levels, Yugioh Dawn of Majesty will improve the Stardust Dragon’s experience. With new themes and additional cards, it is going to be extremely adventurous for players to summon the dragon. With the Dawn of Majesty release date set for early august this year, pre ordering the game will put you ahead of your peers. For as low as $3.99, you can pre order the game from any reputable online store.

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