Battle of Legend 2021: Release Date, Card List, and Pre-Order

Battle of Legend 2021

Finally, the stage has been set for the unveiling of the most anticipated Battle of Legend 2021. Boost your fun this fall with this all-foil booster that brings brand new cards, ones that have never been seen or used before.

Some of the most popular cards in the Battle of Legend 2021 will include Yugi, Zane Truesdale, Syrus Truesdale, Sherry Leblanc, and Yuma amongst others.

The Battle of Legends 2021 Card List

According to recent reports, all indications lead to an exciting fall. The Battles of Legend Card list includes a set of cards that have never been seen before and some of which that will be re-emerging after a long time.

Enjoy the 60 new cards together with the 30 returning cards in the all new Battle of Legends 2021. Moreover, you can take advantage of the tournament mainstay, Forbidden Droplet. From a pack of five cards, you will get 4 Ultra Rares and 1 Secret Droplet.

The introduction of the Kuriboh Brothers now allows you to field “Kuriboh” monsters. Additionally, the Joker’s Knight originating from the Court of the King provides you with the ultimate fit.

The Official Battle of Legends Release Date

We can comfortably announce that official Battle of Legends 2021 is scheduled for this fall. For gamers, this prospect is very exciting considering that many other cards are bound to be released around the same period.

It would be very interesting to see how the Battle of Legend 2021 will square up against the other cards. Details of the exact Battles of Legend release date will be communicated as soon as official communication is made. Be sure to keep visiting this page regularly for more updates and information.

Pre-Order Now!

The best way to be part of the thrill that will be brought by the release of the Battle of Legend 2021 is to pre-order. For as low as $59, you can make your pre-order today, seat back and wait for the original release date.

We understand the excitement surrounding this card-game. However, with plenty of issues and information yet to be decided, making your pre-orders as early as now puts you on a safer side considering the demand that comes with this product.

Additionally, making a Battles of Legend 2021 pre order gives you the chance to feel and experience the new cards as soon as they are released to the fans.

What to Expect

With the Battles of Legend release date set for this fall, we can expect the return of over 30 cards and introduction of 60 new ones. It would be interesting to see how players can dominate the field by using the special summon monsters on the Ignister deck.

If you haven’t used this trick before, you can try it on the 2021 Tin of Ancient Battles Mega-Packs where more familiar cards are available. Your chance to multiply your fun is here, the brand new Battles of Legend 2021 is here to entertain and excite you in 60 new ways (with its new cards). Be sure to make your pre order in time to enjoy this card-game as soon as it is released.

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