Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Release Date November 19, 2021

Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Release Date

Good news for The Card Game lovers! Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Release Date will release this November. The release of Hidden Arsenal chapter 1 will be even more unique considering It will have all The cards in The initial hidden Arsenal series. In addition, there will be more bonuses and other special features.

This new pack will enable players to conveniently access The features that were originally in The pack. There will be many modifications in The new pack to bring out a whole new experience, It will be a collection of all The previous cards which have been uniquely printed in blue, purple, gold, and green.

Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Archetypes

These are some of The cards that were included in The original pack. They include; Dragunity, Worms, Fabled, Naturia, Ally of Justice, Ice Barrier, and many others. Each pack will have a special dice and an insert that has a narrative that holds records of The series. The Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Release Date this November is so exciting!

History of The packs Hidden Arsenal

This was The product of The Yu-Gi-Oh, TCG Game that was developed by Konami, a Japanese Gaming company. It is a fictional Game of Duel Monsters created by manga artist Kazuki Takahashi. In 1999, The Yugioh Trading Card Game was introduced in Japan and North America in 2002. Furthermore, The Guinness world records on July 7, 2009, awarded it The top-selling Trading Card Game in The world having sold over 22 billion cards worldwide.

The Yu-Gi-Oh database is a site that guides users and also stores their information. It is a site officiated under Konami, which allows players to search through The cards, check The rules and conditions. You can also register and manage your cards on this site. The Yu-Gi-Oh database has five tabs, Card search tab, Card list, forbidden and limited list tab, my deck, and deck search.

For over a decade, The series used to provide cards for The Japanese Duel; and were termed as The “super-secret rare cards”.

Contents of The pack

  • Six ultras rares; standard and colorful
  • 30 commons
  • A narrative of The Hidden Arsenal with a mat
  • One secret rare

These contents are for The original series, there may be new modifications in the Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Release Date that is set to be released in November 19, 2021 according to the Konami website.


Players are limited to three cards per deck and must follow The forbidden Card list that limits The chosen cards by Konami to be restricted to two, one or zero. Each contestant starts with 8000 life points with The main objective being to use The monster attacks and spells to dwindle The rival’s life points. The Game concludes once reaching these conditions:

When life points reach zero

A player can surrender at any time

If both player’s life points reach zero at The same time It is considered to be a draw.

I can recommend this Game to anyone, once you know The rules and The tricks It is a good game.

So again the Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 Release Date is November 19, 2021 and available for pre order now at VSTCG. The Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 card list is available to see here as well.

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