Yugioh Dimension Force Release Date

Yugioh Dimension Force Release Date

Yugioh Dimension Force

Yugioh Dimension Force Release Date is May 20, 2022. We’re excited to share some information about a NEW forthcoming release from the Yugioh TRADING CARD GAME (TCG). The Yugioh Dimension Force is the most recent core booster that is breaking through the limits of reality. The Official Card Game’s Yugioh Dimension Force is a Booster Pack (OCG). After Battle of Chaos, it is the eighth set in the OCG’s 11th series. This 100-card collection includes new cards for existing methods as well as brand-new themes. With brand-new performapal cards and a new Odd-Eyes monster, fans of Yugioh ARC-V can get in on the action.

The Ritual Pendulum Monster is the first of its kind. Resurrect old tactics with a new “Red-Eyes” zombie synchro creature that can unique summon other zombie creatures from the graveyard, including itself. Dimension Force is chock-full of exciting cards that are ready to push deck-building to its limits.

Yugioh Dimension Force Card List

The following are some of the things to expect from the Yugioh Dimension Force card list.

  1. A brand-new Link Monster is on the way to pushing Pendulum tactics to new heights! Keep an eye out for cards that can boost any Pendulum-based approach.
  2. Synchro Monsters of great power, including a Psychic Synchro Monster of Level 11. The opponent’s triggered effects do not affect the Monster. Furthermore, the more you lag in Life Points, the more destructive an assault it may unleash.
  3. The second batch of cards for the Battle of Chaos’s World Premiere theme.
  4. Fusion Summon using the all-new “Predaplant” and “Starving Venom” cards, which are ready to eat your rival’s monsters.
  5. Additional cards for Return of the Duelist, Storm of Ragnarok, The Grand Creators, and other games’ themes.

There are 100 new cards in the Dimension Force booster set as follows;

  • Commons – 50
  • Super Rares – 26
  • Ultra Rares – 14
  • Secret Rares – 10

Yugioh Dimension Force Release Date

The Dimension Force has already been released in Japan on the 15th of January, 2022. However, in North America, the product with an MSRP of $4.19 for each pack, will be released on May 20, 2022. Each pack will have 9 cards allowing enthusiasts to leap into action. The official tournament store launch date will be on the 18th of May, 2022. Two days later there will an official launch of Yugioh Dimension Force on the 20th of May. This will be followed by a Konami Tournament Legal date on the same day.

Yugioh Dimension Force Pre Order

You can make your Yugioh Dimension Force Pre Order as early as now. Dimension Force +1 Bonus Pack is included in the initial print editions of Dimension Force boxes. The product incorporates first support for the “Battleguard” archetype, as well as new members and support for prior monster series. Additional archetypes that will be introduced to the OCG/TCG include Therions and Scareclaw. The content and timing of the publication are both subject to change. Product waves may have an impact on delivery times. If wave releases are identified, Yugioh Dimension Force Pre Orders will be sorted from earliest to latest.

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