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yugioh maximum gold

The latest Yugioh trading card game product from Konami will be released on October 9, 2020, and you should not miss out on a chance of trying it out. The Yugioh Maximum Gold Product is the new ultimate evolution with new Premium Gold Rares in Maximum Gold. Walk with us as we look at this new commendable franchise.

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game

Yugioh; the Japanese collectible card game was established by Konami. This game is grounded on an illusory game of Duel Monsters designed by the manga artist Kazuki Takahashi. Yugi was a feeble child who became a hero when he played games with the help of magic power after being constantly bullied. The trading card game was developed and launched in Japan in 1999 and- later launched in North America in 2002. It was acknowledged as the highest selling trading card game across the world by Guinness World Records in 2009, having vended more than 22 billion cards. By 2011, Konami had sold about 25.2 billion cards.

Yugioh Gameplay

This Yugioh trading card game involves players drawing cards from individual decks and taking turns to play the cards. Every player has a deck that contains forty to sixty cards and an optional Extra Deck of about fifteen cards. This lets players to switch cards from the main Deck or Extra Deck between games. A player is constrained to three of each card per Deck and must meet a restricted card list. Every player begins with 80-00 life points, and the key goal of the game is to use monstrous attacks and spells to lessen the life points of the opponents. The game gets over upon reaching one of this state;

• You will lose if your life points reach zero. The game ends in a draw is both players reach zero points at the same time.

• A player loses if they are needed to draw a card, but there are no more cards in the main deck

• Some cards have special conditions that trigger an automatic loss or win. (having all five letters of the Destiny Board on the field or all five cards of Exodia the Forbidden One in hand.)

Yugioh Card Types

Gameplay involves three types of cards; Monster cards, Spell cards, and Trap Cards. Each player summons the monster cards to attack the opponent’s monster or defend against their attacks. You can also use monster cards to dose the opponent’s life points if they lack monsters. Every monster has attack and defense points that are used to determine battles. The monster types include; normal, effect and ritual monsters. Stored in the Extra Deck is the other four extra monster types include; Synchro,

Fusion, Link, and Xyz.

Spell cards include magical spells that possess a variety of effects such as reviving destroyed monsters or raising ATK points of a particular monster. Their six varieties include; Quick Play, Normal, Equip, Continuous, Field, and Ritual. Trap cards are put on the field facedown in advance and triggered in response to a particular criterion such as an attack from an opponent. These come in three varieties, including; Continuous, Normal, and Counter.

Yugioh Maximum Gold Product

Maximum Gold is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh card trading game. The wait is finally over. Konami has released another new set of cards to the Yugioh. This set comes with a lot of reprints but with a characteristic twist. Get ready to experience the supreme style and beauty with the new premium Rares in Maximum Gold. This is a new style that has seen outlines, symbols, names, and borders given a holographic remodeling to luster like pools of precious molten metal. Of the total 162 cards in this game card set, fifty-two cards will be Premium Gold Rares. The rest of the cards will be Gold Rares. These are only Rares; it’s just that the name is holographic, but, in its place, it is Gold rather than silver lettering.

Premium Gold Rares

Premium gold Rares features a significant evolution of the Yugioh Trading Card Game Gold Rares. The art and texture of the cards have been ultimately enhanced and accentuated by golden outlines and borders. Symbols such as Attribute icons and Level stars shine like pools of valuable molten metals. Premium Gold Rares stimulates enthusiasm in the core of any Duelist who views them, and Maximum Gold offers you the opportunity to add fifty-two of Dueling premium cards to your Decks as elegant Premium Gold Rares. Duelist packs are fixated around the types of cards used by players in the different series.

The new Premium Gold technology is not the solitary way Maximum Gold will make your cards look great. The six enthusiastically famous monsters come with pristine variant creation plus the premium Gold Rare design including Elementa; HERO Stratos, Droll & Lock Bird, Bow of the Goddess, and Apollousa. Additionally, a wide variety of cards will comeback as Rares. However, because this is Maximum Gold, they will be looking as Rares with gold lettering rather than standard silver.

Unseen Treasures

The above paucities are not the only variations that have been made for Maximum Gold. This set comes with six famous monsters with a brand-new different artwork. Only three of them are known. These include Droll& Lock Bird, Apollousa, HERO Stratos, and Bow of the Goddess. The complete Maximum Gold set consists of one hundred and ten gold-letter Rares and fifty-two Premium Gold Rares.

Each Maximum Gold box comes with four Maximum Gold pack with seven cards each. Of the seven cards include five gold-letter Rares and two premium gold Rares. Conclusion

What should you expect from this new Yugioh Maximum Gold product from Konami? One of the enormous challenges is for the Yugioh gaming series to continues keeping their fans excited and happy years in and out, yet this is precisely what they have managed to maintain. This new Yugioh maximum Gold Product is an exciting evolution of the trading card game you can’t afford to miss. This is a great and enjoyable game to kill some time with your folks and is trading for as low as $22.50! Order yours today!

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