Ghosts from the Past Collector’s Set Yugioh

Ghosts from the Past Collector’s Set

If you’re a Yugioh enthusiast and can’t get enough of playing the game, you are in the right place. Ghost from the Past is a game that brings history into life through its 132-card and all-foil collector’s set.

The game boasts of 9 popular themes which come from the past, and it also introduces two brand new themes.

With the Ghost from the Past, you can build several decks that have been featured in the booster and in the recent Core Boosters. What’s more, the game debuts five new Ghost Rare that are a must-have for your collection.

Features of Ghost from the Past Game

This game comes with many ideal features for gamers. Check them out below.

1. Nine Themes from the Past

This new set has 9 new cards for different themes from the past. It includes various strategies representing different eras in the history of Yugioh such as Shaddoll, bolstered Cipher, and Dragunity.

2. Two New Themes

Ghosts from the Past also features two brand new themes included to make it fun and exciting to play. They include the Villainous Spectre’s Sunavalon strategy included in the Yugioh Vrains, which has taken root in Ghost from the Past.

It is based on a plant that summons a link and it provides an exclusive web of effects that are connected and ideal for trapping duelists which don’t have any idea. The other feature has a game original strategy.

3. Opportunity to Try Out a New Deck

If you thought Blazing Vortex had cool Metalfoes cards, then it’s a good idea to think again because you need to try the new deck out. The New Deck out is available in the game, and if you also want the original Armed Dragon LV10 to finish the Armed Dragon Deck, the game has got you covered.

Other cards you can find in the game include Raidraptor: Tribute Lanius, Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon and Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade. You can use the Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade to team up Deck on the Raidraptor/Phantom Knight that you’ve been working on since releasing Phantom Rage.

4. The Glorious Ghost Rares

There are up to five cards included in the set, which exclusively appear, although rare, disguised as beautiful Ghost Rares. These enable you to see others that you like such as the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Rare. You’ll be able to see these cards in a manner that you’ve never done before, which makes it quite exciting.

Ghosts from the Past has 132 cards, with additional 45 new cards and 87 returning cards. Five cards are only revealed as Ghost Rares, while the others like the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Ghost Rare, among many others.

There are approximately 3 packs of five-star cards in the game, which add up to 15 game cards.

Below is a summary:

·       132-pack cards included in the complete game set

·       5 ghost rares

·       127 rares

If the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Ghost Rare and other favorite cards fascinate you, rest assured that they are all available in the game. Find out more and make a purchase if you need more singles check us out here.

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