Yugioh Blazing Vortex – All about Armed Dragons

Yugioh Blazing Vortex

Yugioh Blazing Vortex on February 5th, Konami Entertainment unveiled a new booster set and structure set dubbed ‘Blazing Vortex.’ It was a much-awaited booster set that brought a whole new world of wonder and possibility to the game. All Yugioh fans have certainly found a new booster set that gives you an edge over your opponent.

Yugioh Blazing Vortex – A Deeper Look

The new blazing box adds 100 new cards to the already exciting game. You will instantly notice the reimaged version of ‘Armed Dragon’ by Chazz Princeton in your deck. It comes straight from the Yugioh GX animated series that added more flair to the game.

Included in the blazing vortex set are 19 World Premiere cards. What I love about some of these cards is the fact that they can change the entire outlook of the game. The option of changing the rules of engagement makes these cards a must-have. The Continuous Trap Card, for example, forces duelist to play their monster effects in turn.

The set includes 26 Super Rares, 50 Commons, 10 Secret Rares, and 14 Ultra Rares. You get a balanced set that promises to make the game interesting and memorable. Having a wide variety of Yugioh singles to use against your opponent will always come in handy during a duel.

Yu get Yugioh singles that power up some of the popular themes introduced in the Rise of the Duelist, Secret Slayers, Genesis Impact, and Phantom Rage. The latest version of the iconic Spell card is also a nice addition to this already beefed-up set.

Retail Price

The blazing vortex retails at $3.99 per pack, which is quite affordable. However, understand that you get 9 cards per pack. You can always play the cards by themselves or combine them with the ‘Armed Dragon’ to unleash a lot of power and chaos. Understand that the Yugioh Blazing Vortex Booster Box comes in a standard display configuration.

Where Can I Purchase the Blazing Vortex?

Are you looking for the Blazing Vortex? Vstcg.com has all your needs covered. You will also get access to several other cheap Yugioh boxes and sets at a competitive price. Look through their extensive catalog to find whatever you are looking for in the Yugioh universe. The good news is that all the prices are discounted to suit your needs.

Which Set Should I Get After the Blazing Vortex?

Once you purchase the Blazing Vortex you can’t simply stop there. Konomi also introduced a new structure deck dubbed ‘Freezing Chains’ a few months later. It is a well-structured set that features ‘Ice Barrier’ monsters that include the Trishula. You get a new and improved Trishula Dragon that is far more destructive than the prior version. The Freezing Chains set retails at $9.99 and features 46 amazing cards.


The Blazing Vortex is a must-have for every Yugioh game lover. It features all the cool cards you need to cripple your opponent. The Continuous Trap Card is a nice addition that will help you take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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