Emergency Teleport: For your Consideration

Emergency Teleport

Emergency Teleport: With over ten thousand Yu-Gi-Oh cards, it is easy to overlook some competitively viable cards. Cards can come in and out of relevancy, and others can be discovered completely out of nowhere. Vanity’s Emptiness came out in 2010 but it took nearly three years before the card was competitively viable. For your Consideration will be a series of articles exploring cards and strategies that might be overlooked otherwise.

Today on the block is Emergency Teleport

This card has seen success in a variety of decks, most recently Kozmos. The card was so successful that it managed to find itself being restricted to 1 on the Forbidden & Limited List. A quickplay spell, Emergency Teleport reads as follows: “Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Psychic-Type monster from your hand or Deck, but banish it during the End Phase of this turn.”

Now if you’re looking at our current card pool, a handful of archetypes might come to mind for this, including Virtual World, Ritual Beast, Metalfoes, and Shaddolls thanks to the recent addition of Reeshaddoll Wendi. One of the most overlooked cards to bring off this effect is ironically the most commonly used Psychic monsters in the game, and that’s PSY-Framegear Gamma.

Now you might be saying to yourself “this sounds stupid, why would I summon a hand trap?” Well in this instance, we do not need to use Gamma for its effect. If you are already playing the 4-card PSY-Frame package, you can tech in Emergency Teleport as a fifth card for some phenomenal combos. Gamma itself warrants plenty of consideration, as resolving it while going second can usually win you the game against a Normal Summon oriented strategy. The fatal flaw is that once you have established a board presence, Gamma becomes a dead card in your deck. I would recommend considering Emergency Teleport as a way to ensure that those unusable copies can be removed from your deck and put to a much better use.

At minimum, Emergency Teleport helps you gain access to Crystron Halqifibrax. If you’re running into a problem with your Deskbot 003 being Effect Veiler’d, or your Jet Synchron being banished from your graveyard by a D.D. Crow, Emergency Teleport can get you that additional extender that’ll let you play on. Even beyond that, if they choose to negate the Halqifibrax itself, you can use Emergency Teleport to substitute O-Lion for a Gamma, ensuring that at minimum, you can end with a link 2 and a Herald of the Arc Light.

For a very specific scenario, look no further than Infernobles. You opened with your Sublimation Knight and are ready to loop your opponent and establish your board. While trying to resolve Noble Knight Isolde to summon out your Six Samurai Genba, your opponent activates a hand trap and prevents you from summoning. Under normal circumstances, what are you to do? If you have an extender like Fire Flint Lady, you can adjust your combo and create an entirely different end board. But if you have Emergency Teleport, you now have access to your level 2 tuner, and can continue your initial combo.

At the time of writing this, copies of Emergency Teleport can be purchased for as low as $14. Furthermore, a playset of PSY-Framegear and a PSY-Frame Driver are available for about $8 thanks to a recent reprint in Toon Chaos. For less than $25 you can power up your deck with this strategy.

Article Guest Writer: Harrison Rodis
Video Guest: GoldenNovaYugioh

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