| [TCG] Blazing Vortex Set Introduction

| [TCG] Blazing Vortex Set Introduction

Featuring Trishula from the Duel Terminal series.

Konami has released a video announcing a series of reveals for the TCG release of Blazing Vortex.

The key points from the video are:
-For the next 5 days there will be videos each day introducing some cards of the set at 8AM Pacific Time/ 11AM Eastern Time.
-The order will be: Armed Dragon, S-Force, Free Agents (cards that donโ€™t belong to a theme), War Rock, and in the fifth day actual packs will be opened.
-The War Rock theme will be a TCG premiere and this set introduces 7 cards for the theme (out of the 19 TCG premiere cards)

-Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier will be reprinted as a Starlight Rare.

As a reminded, the Premiere event will be held on the 30th and 31st of January, the set releases on Febraury the 3rd in Official Tournament Stores and on the 5th of Febraury everywhere else.

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