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Structure Deck Cyber Strike

Well, the stage has been set and it’s all systems go for the new Structure Deck Cyber Strike release. For card game lovers, the release date announcement for this massive deck game wouldn’t come early enough. Yugioh has been making many announcements recently and the Cyber Strike release date was one of the most important ones that they made.

The game is going to have new and exciting features that we are going to analyze throughout this piece. Come along to learn about the deck game’s card list and how you can make your pre-orders.

About Cyber Strike

Cyber strike comes as the second structure deck this year. Just as it was the case with the previous versions that have since been released, Cyber Strike has a theme made by the fans. It incorporates everything that the fans want.

If you enjoyed Zane Truesdale’s Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime, you will definitely like Cyber Strike better because it is based on the same strategies, but now with better and exciting twists.

For Zane’s series, a Cyber Dragon Deck kick starts the game but as the game proceeds, it melds with Cyberdarks. For the longest time, it has not been possible to have the two strategies play hand in hand. However, with the new Cyber Strike, things are about to change for the better!

Power Bond was used to define most of Zane’s Duels. It had the ability to double the ATK of a particular monster. However, fans have been asking for an alternative that allows them to search this card out of the deck. Fortunately, Structure Deck Cyber Strike is going to provide just that. Perfect for players!

While some aspects of the game are still under development, the next few months will be crucial. Visiting the official website regularly will keep you updated on all developments.

Structure Deck Cyber Strike Release Date

According to Yugioh’s official website, the official tournament store launch date is set for 07/28/2021. However, you will have to wait for a further two days with the game set to be released to players on 07/30/2021. The decks are set to cost $9.99 per box.

Structure Deck Cyber Strike Card List

This second structure deck of 2021 will have a set of 46 cards. The Structure Deck Cyber Strike card list is updated and will see a massive theme change considering that the fans were involved in their design. It is not many times that you see fans being included in creating themes for massive games like Cyber Strike. It is going to be exciting how the whole thing plays out.

Structure Deck Cyber Strike Pre Order

You can’t wait any longer? Well, you can start making your Structure Deck Cyber Strike pre-order now. Even though you will not get the new deck before late August, making a pre-order sees to it that you are amongst the first to play the game as soon as it is released.

Additionally, pre ordering the deck ensures that you are amongst the first people to feel the new cards. If you are a card lover, you know how great this feeling is. Not to mention that you can avoid the final day rush that is usually witnessed every time there is a new product released.

Pre ordering gives you peace of mind! You can make your Structure Deck Cyber Strike pre-order from our reliable online store.

What You Get

Structure Deck Cyber Strike promises to give you a feeling of uniqueness. It gives you a better understanding of the game and each card. As time goes by, you will learn that playing the game regularly helps you improve your problem solving skills.

When you play with others, you improve your social life as well. The game is captivating and promises to take your playing experience to elevated levels.


Yugioh Structure Deck Cyber Strike is the second structure deck set to be released this year. The deck consists of 46 cards and it merges the two strategies used in Zane Truesdale’s Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime. If you loved the duels portrayed by Power Bond, this structure game is one you should look up to.

With the official release date set for late August this year, you can make your pre-orders to ensure that you are amongst the first players to have a feel of this new exciting deck.

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