2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles Pre Order Yugioh

2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles Pre Order

Standing before you is the second piece of an ancient legend! The 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles pre order benefits from last year’s Lost Memories and it promises to be amazing. The piece features the ancient Pharaoh together with his priest.

Here, you find out everything you need to know about the 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles card list, learn when the 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles Release Date is and whether you can pre order.

The 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles Release Date

The official information indicates that the official tournament store launch date for the Mega Tin Ancient Battle is set for 08/25/21/. However the official launch date is set for two days later (08/27/21) with the Konami Tournament legal date set for the same day.

The 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles Pre order

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the 2021 Mega Ancient Battles is set for $19.99. However, you can make your pre order for as low as $16.97. With the official release date confirmed, you can make your pre order from VSTCG.

However, it is important to note that the images and the contents might change before the Release Date. Follow this page for frequent updates.

The 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles Card List

Many duelists probably didn’t notice that the 2020 tins contain both embossed and debossed sides. They also have rimless lids that allows the tins to stack up on top of each other perfectly.

The 2021 Mega Tins also has this feature and promises to be amazing. 3 new World Premier Cards will also be featured this year. It is exciting to imagine how the Dark Magician will battle it out with Blue-Eyes White Dragon with this exceptional power booster in place.

The official card list will include:

  • 3 huge Mega-Packs ( each one will contain a single prismatic secret rare, a pair of Ultra Rares, a pair of Super Rares, a single Rare, and a dozen commons.
  • 3 pieces of Prismatic Secret Rares
  • 6 Ultra Rares
  • 6 Super Rares
  • 36 commons
  • 3 rares

Generally, the 2021 Mega Tins is set to have the popular cards that were present in 2020. Again, there might be a change in specifications, name, and the contents in the tin before its official release date.


The official Release Date is set for 08/27/21. However, for as low as $16, you can make your 2021 Mega Tin Ancient Battles pre order today from any of your preferred online shops. Keep in mind that some of the contents and names might change before the official release date.

With the promise of 3 world premier cards, this year promises to be a good year for Ancient Battles’ lovers. Last year’s Tablet of Lost Memories forms the foundation of this year’s Mega Tin Ancient Battles. We can, therefore, expect an improvement on most of the features.

It will also be exciting to see how the new power booster will stimulate the eternal battle between the Dark Magician and the Blue-Eyes Dragon.

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