Yugioh Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 on sale at VSTCG

Yugioh Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1

Yugioh Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1

You can now pre-order your Yugioh Hidden Arsenal chapter 1 ahead of its release in November. Konami are busy re-packaging the hidden series of packs that include many other cards. The new TCG product is yet to be released on November 19th this year. According to the market, the black market has put together the original hidden arsenal cards that are rare and have been boosted that also come with some bonus.

Originally, the hidden arsenal series has had cards that were initially used for the Japanese Duel Terminal arcade machine to the much bigger card game including the Secret Rare and Super cards. This is the explanation behind the seven different booster packs that were available between 2009 and 2013.

Learning about the legends and experiencing the story has been around for more than a decade. Duelists will now be able to access the historic cards from the first four Hidden arsenal sets. This is unlike before, which will make it possible to learn the stories behind these superb collections.

Every card that is from the original hidden arsenal series either was from the Secret Rare or Super Rare card list. From this hidden chapter 1, quite a large number of them have been in the form called Ultra Rares. Each box contains 4 colorful Ultra Rares and 2 Standard Ultra Rares.

It is now easier to access the archetypes that were earlier featured in the original release. This is because the cards were re-packaged in a way that made it possible. This has led to all the cards being bundled together, providing additional Ultra Rare printings to many of them using the blue, green, purple, and standard gold foiling. This ultimately means that cards from Fabled, Worms, Ice Barrier, Naturia, Jurrac, and Draguinity are included inside.

All hidden arsenal chapter one boxes will have in them a collection of dice, together with a special insert that will reveal the details of the story. Each box will include the following:

  • One Hidden Arsenal storyline insert and game mat
  • 30 Commons
  • Two standard and four colorful
  • Six Ultra Rares
  • One Secret Rare

Before pre-ordering it is good to note that the above list is still in its early stages, and therefore the set is subject to change when it is officially announced by Konami. All the complete details of the Hidden Arsenal chapter 1 combined with the entire set list will be released at a later date.

With great additions in the ghosts from the past, the duelists of the dragunity will not lack the opportunity to get some of the highest sought-after “Dragunity ” cards which are from the Hidden Arsenal era. Pre-order and unlock the legend of the powerful wind-dragon synchro strategy.

Included in the Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1 are the following:

  • The proud dinosaurs known as the Jurrac
  • The normally peaceful Natura
  • The allies of justice who fight against them
  • Worms from space
  • And much more

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