Best Trading Card Games in 2022

Best Trading Card Games

Best trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering which debuted in 1993, trading card games have been incredibly popular Today, decades later, there are more of these games than anyone could ever play. So, if you want to know which games are the best trading card games in 2022, just keep reading.

Most Popular Trading Card Games

I would have to say Yugioh is probably the most popular TCG. They have Anime, Movies, and so much more that are successful. Then of course you have Pokemon but I don’t believe the TCG is as popular as it once was and the same goes for Magic: They Gathering. The up and coming TCG has got to be Flesh & Blood though, this card game from Legend Story Studios has become a hit and the prize support is phenomenal. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should.


Although it’s not the oldest, Pokemon is certainly one of the most popular trading card games around. Fans love it for its simple, straightforward structure that is nevertheless still complex and interesting There are just three card types: Trainers, Pokemon, and Energy cards. Each player chooses a Trainer and a group of Pokemon to fight, one after another, against the opponent’s Pokemon. The Energy cards power their attacks, and the Trainers provide support. This game is very successful at mimicking the dynamic of the popular Pokemon franchise it’s based on. Besides the game play, that’s what fans of this game love about it.

Yugioh Best Trading Card Games

Another popular trading card game based on a beloved anime franchise is Yugioh. However, that is where the similarities end. Yugioh has a much more complicated style of game play. It encourages its players to be really clever about deck building and strategy. The game is made to work around different “archetypes,” or themes that involves particular kinds of cards and strategies. Each archetype has a variety of monsters, traps, and spells that support it. There are different types of monster cards for attack and defense, trap cards for surprises, and spell cards for effects. It keeps the game varied and interesting. To make things even more interesting, options exist for playing with three decks at a time (main, extra, and side).

Magic: The Gathering

Even after all these years, the original trading card game is still one of the best. This game has changed a lot since its early days, with many new abilities added. It still has the five basic types of cards, each defined by a style of play. It’s also still based around teams of monsters supported by artifacts and spells, and powered by lands. However, all the new effects and rules mean that it is always kind of a new and exciting game. It will always have many things to discover, no matter how long you’ve been playing it. There have been about 100,000 unique cards printed to date. That makes the variety of possible strategies truly astronomical. This game rewards thoughtful, inventive players.


KeyForge is easily the most anticipated collectible card game of the year. Because it was created by the legendary Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering, that’s not surprising. It’s a different kind of game than Magic, though. In fact, it’s different from most collectible card games. In KeyForge, each player races to build three special keys before his or her opponent can. They do this by using creatures, artifacts, upgrades, and actions to collect the Aember needed to forge the keys. One unique feature of game play is that there is no cost required to play any card. Players can play as many cards as they want, as long as the rules allow them to be played. Furthermore, decks are made to be impossible to alter after they are purchased. This makes it impossible to develop more powerful decks than everyone else. And that keeps game play focused on skill instead of deck building. If you want a card game that isn’t like all of the others, this is the game for you. It’s also your game if you don’t like having to invest in a ton of cards to be competitive. It’s a lot of fun, too.

Most popular trading card games

Final Fantasy

This is another game with its own unique style of game play. Forward cards attack and defend. Backup cards provide backup. Monster cards can’t attack or defend, but have abilities that can affect the game. Summon cards create effects. The power needed to play cards is generated by using Backup cards or discarding cards. Victory is achieved either by doing enough damage to the opponent or by making them run out of cards. Game play is not what attracts most players to this game, though. The fact that it features all of the protagonists from the beloved franchise, including favorites like Zidane and Cloud, is.


Like Pokemon, Digimon is based on an anime franchise about collecting and evolving monsters to fight. While it’s a fairly recent entry into the scene, it’s already achieved a lot of popularity. It’s setup is a lot like other games on this list. Digimon cards attack and defend. Option cards create effects. Tamer cards provide support. Digi-Egg cards can be hatched into more Digimon. Also, the Digimon can be “digivolved” into higher, more powerful forms. Although there’s nothing particularly innovative here, Digimon does what it does pretty well. Even better, it gives fans of the franchise a chance to play in the world of Digimon.

most popular tcg

Weiss Schwarz

This game is rather different than most of the others in this genre. For one thing, it’s not based on a popular anime. It’s based on a whole bunch of popular animes, other shows, and video games. Characters from different shows can be pitted against each other to see who’s best. They can also be set up to reenact favorite scenes, or see how they could play out differently. There are three types of cards: characters, events, and climaxes. The characters attack and defend. Event cards create useful effects. Climax scenes recreate climactic scenes from the different shows and games that can really change the direction of game play. This is not only one of the best trading card games in 2022, it is one of the most original.

Flesh and Blood Most Popular Trading Card Games

In Flesh and Blood, the players each pit a single hero against the other, instead of the usual teams. Each hero is equipped with weapons and various pieces of equipment. With only one creature each, strategy tends to be very different than it is in most other games. Which is why it is becoming one of the most popular trading card games.

Flesh & Blood Best Trading Card Game

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