Card List for “Structure Deck: The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Legend” [RD/SD0A]

Card List for “Structure Deck: The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Legend” [RD/SD0A]

Dragon Good Stuff and Blue-Eyes cards

RD/SD0A-JP001 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP002 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (LEGEND)
RD/SD0A-JP003 Blue-Eyes Bright Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP004 Blue-Eyes Vision Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP005 Absolute Lord of D.
RD/SD0A-JP006 Node of Legend
RD/SD0A-JP007 Soul Drake
RD/SD0A-JP008 Phoenix Dragoon
RD/SD0A-JP009 Hyozanryu
RD/SD0A-JP010 Ancient Arise Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP011 Ancient Arrive Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP012 Clear Ice Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP013 Burning Blaze Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP014 Light Effigy
RD/SD0A-JP015 Dragorite
RD/SD0A-JP016 The Fire Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP017 Sylphidra
RD/SD0A-JP018 Fairy Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP019 Siesta Torero
RD/SD0A-JP020 Treasure Dragon
RD/SD0A-JP021 Triad Drago
RD/SD0A-JP022 Kaibaman (2 Copies)
RD/SD0A-JP023 Phoenix Dragon (3 Copies)
RD/SD0A-JP024 Defender of Dragon Sorcerers
RD/SD0A-JP025 Double-Doom Dragon (2 Copies)
RD/SD0A-JP026 Monster Reborn (LEGEND)
RD/SD0A-JP027 The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Legend
RD/SD0A-JP028 Sanctum of Legend
RD/SD0A-JP029 Burst Stream of Destruction
RD/SD0A-JP030 Dragon’s Inferno
RD/SD0A-JP031 Dragonic Pressure
RD/SD0A-JP032 Trade-In
RD/SD0A-JP033 Silent Doom
RD/SD0A-JP034 Trap Hole (LEGEND)
RD/SD0A-JP035 Treasure of Eyes of Blue
RD/SD0A-JP036 Eternal Freeze
RD/SD0A-JP037 Dragon Double-Doom

Potential Promo Cards:

RD/SD0A-JPS01 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Over Rush Rare)
RD/SD0A-JPS02 Blue-Eyes Bright Dragon
RD/SD0A-JPS03 Blue-Eyes Vision Dragon
RD/SD0A-JPS04 Absolute Lord of D.
RD/SD0A-JPS05 Soul Drake
RD/SD0A-JPS06 The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Legend
RD/SD0A-JPS07 Treasure of Eyes of Blue







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