Lightning Overdrive Pre Order for YuGiOh – Releases 06.04.21

YuGiOh Lightning Overdrive Pre Order

The Lightning Overdrive booster set by Yu-Gi-Oh! is coming soon to your deck! The set is the fourth in the Official Card Game’s 11th series, which follows Blazing Vortex. There are many new cards to collect, including cards to support strategies introduced in Genesis ImpactBlazing Vortex, and Phantom Rage. Don’t hesitate to get the Lightning Overdrive pre order before the release date.

Lightning Overdrive Card List Breakdown

On the Lightning Overdrive release date, Duelists will be able to pick up a booster set with 50 Common Cards, 26 Super Rare Cards, 14 Ultra Rare Cards, and 10 Secret Rare Cards. In all, the booster set will come with 100 new cards to thrill all Duelists.

There are more cards that can support the “War Rock” World Premiere theme from Blazing Vortex. The cards introduce some new monster archetypes as well, which include “Amazement,” “Ɐttraction,” and “Stigmata.” The “Ɐttraction” archetype references amusement park attractions and is related to the Amazement archetype, which focuses on equipping “Ɐttraction” to monsters. Finally, “Stigmata” revolves around using “Fallen of Albaz” to its utmost potential using a variety of Spell and Trap Cards. Furthermore, the booster set is geared to breathe new life into two well-known creatures for fans of the animated series.

Number 39 and Black Rose Dragon

First up is Number 39: Utopia, known from the animated spin-off Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, is given a whole upgrade through a new form – Number C39: Utopia Ray. This card can be Xyz Summoned by treating the Number 39: Utopia controlled by the Duelist as Xyz material. The Lightning Overdrive card list includes a variety of new cards to support Utopia, as well as to help you summon the monster and draw extra “Rank-Up-Magic” Spells and “ZW” monsters to your hand. Lightning Overdrive Pre Order

The other monster facing a new look is the Black Rose Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. Akiza’s Black Rose Dragon, which must be Synchro Summoned to reap its benefits, alongside a number of new support cards to make summoning the beast go more smoothly, such as Tuner monsters like Otoshidamashii.

In addition to these two upgraded forms, the story of the Fallen of Albaz continues where the Rise of the Duelist left off, allowing us to get a deeper insight into Dogmatika, Albaz, and more. The Lightning Overdrive set brings new strategies and supportive cards to the playing field, which could give Duelists more to work with as they explore a monster-themed amusement park.

Lightning Overdrive Release Date

The Lightning Overdrive release date is marked for May 14, 2021, though in some countries it will be on the 13th of the same month. As with most booster sets, the MRSP will be $3.99 per pack.

When these packs hit the stores on the Lightning Overdrive release date, Duelists all around the world will be beefing up their decks with the Lightning Overdrive card list! Instead of leaving your purchase of the latest booster set for the release date, don’t miss out on getting your Lightning Overdrive pre order before the big day.

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