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Dawn of Majesty Pre Order

Dawn of Majesty Pre Order is available now with the official Dawn of Majesty release date being set for early august this year, every player is motivated to see what new features these cards will bring. If you are a player, you know the excitement that comes with having a better version of your favorite game released.

It is anticipated that the new Dawn of Justice will be a great improvement for Stardust Dragon, which has been around for time. Here, we look at the reasons why you need to make your Dawn of Majesty’s pre order.

When Can You Make Your Dawn of Majesty Pre Orders?

The official Dawn of Majesty release date for the fans is set for 08/13/2021 even though the official tournament store launch date is set for two days earlier (08/11/2021). According to Yugioh’s official website, the price for each pack is set for $3.99 and there will be 9 cards per pack.

In that case, you can start making your Dawn of Majesty pre orders from any reputable online store. However, for a better deal, visit Yugioh’s official website frequently for new updates. With slightly over 4 months to the official Dawn of Majesty release date, you ought to be excited.

Why You Need to Make Your Pre Order

Just like most games that have official launches, Dawn of Majesty is one worth making your early bookings. Check out the fun facts below:

1. New Dawn of Majesty Card List

From what we hear, the game will have new exciting features such as the updated Dawn of Majesty card list. With 37 new cards on the deck, players will have new ways and tricks of summoning the dragon. It’s going to be interesting to see how these new cards will blend with the previous ones.

It is also anticipated that there will be new themes to make the cards look more appealing. For instance, the Gizmek theme will have extra cards. This has never happened before and it will be interesting to see how that works.

2. Gives You the First Feel of the Game

Making your Dawn of Majesty pre order ensures that you are amongst the first players to have the first feel of the game. Not only does this put you ahead of your peers but also gives you time to catch up with the new tricks and themes that have been introduced.

3. Avoid the Rush!

Dawn of Majesty is a huge game that will definitely have many people wanting to lay their hands on it. By making a pre order, you are almost guaranteed that you won’t have to rush as your package is guaranteed.

Additionally, there are great offers that come with pre orders. You can save some money from the original price of the game.


Finally! The Dawn of Majesty Release Date has been set. From Early August this year, you can enjoy new, exciting themes and a new set of decks. You can make your Dawn of Majesty pre order to make sure that you are amongst the first to play the game.

The game has a new Dawn of Majesty Card List and amazing themes, if anything announced by the official website is to go by. Frequently visit Yugioh’s official website for more updates.

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