[VJMP] The Next V-JUMP Promo

[VJMP] The Next V-JUMP Promo

A card forever known as “smol goddess”.

Moon of the Closed Sky

The first image hypes the card as being “a new form of that one Link Monster”, and the second one mentions it’s “a Link Monster with a powerful effect(s)”.

The effect(s) will be revealed on December 7th.

As for the name, there’s a bunch of things going on. Much like Underworld Goddess of the Closed World, the name is very different in Kanji and its associated furigana: The Kanji name is 閉ザサレシ天ノ月, which following the translation of its predecessor, would be translated as “Moon of the Closed Sky”. The furigana, however, is “Saros=Nanna”, like its predecessor being “Saros=Eres Kurnugias”. Saros is a cycle to predict the cycles of solar and lunar eclypses, while “Nanna” possibly refers to Geshtinanna, a scribe of the underworld.

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