[OCG] Summon Scene Selection Promo

[OCG] Summon Scene Selection Promo

The rise of Hell Kaiser Ryou

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Quarter Century Summonscene Selection Blu-Ray & DVD will be releasing on March 27th, 2024. The retail price will be 9680 yen for the Blu-Ray and 8580 yen for the DVD (incl. tax). The scenes will be recorded on a single disk of yet-indeterminate length. It will be sold by MARVELOUS. Its encouraged that your reservation is placed before January 15th to get a better chance to secure the first edition bonuses.

The first edition of the product will include a 20 (provisional) page booklet, and 1 copy of Chimeratech Overdragon in Quarter Century Secret Rare foiling.


As a reminder, a contest was held to pick the best summoning scenes from each of the anime series. Chimeratech Overdragon being Summoned for the first time during episode 65 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was chosen as the best scene, with 9890 votes.

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